Extra Tasty Biltong Topper

Extra Tasty Biltong Topper

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Biltong Food Topper is a blend of our marinated herb mixture.

Is your dog a fussy eater when it comes to meal times?

Does your dog ever turn their nose up at the bowl for no obvious reason?

Simply sprinkle a pinch of Biltong Food Topper over your dogs meal, watch how the intense aroma from the herbs infused with our original biltong marinade will entice , incentivise and encourage any reluctant eater to want to devour the most ordinary of bowls.

The original ByBenji Biltong experience is now extended from meal time to treat time play too as Topper is the ideal option to use within any treat toy, Licky Mat or Snuffle toy the aroma lingers for hours and your dogs interest does too!

On a Summers day , why not freeze in water or mix in a cold dessert for a full on flavoured ice treat …the possibilities for jazzing up meal or play time are endless, meaning your dogs taste buds are satisfied all year long!