The Benefits of Lickimats

We LOVE lickimats but what are they and what do you do with them?

Firstly why licking?

Licking is a very calming behaviour for dogs and also cats. It helps them release pent up stress and re focus. For example licking isn't a compatible behaviour with barking or jumping up.

So a lickimat is basically a mat for licking! Whoever came up with the idea is a genius! Of course you don't have to buy a lickimat but they are designed for easy cleaning and reusable so why not add them to your enrichment tool box. 

So when should you use them?

Firstly when you can supervise your dog. Never leave him or her alone with a lickimat, they can get carried away and have a sneaky nibble. 

Secondly lickimats aren't really useful for travel they are cumbersome and the good bits fall off. 

Fennel loves her mat when there are fireworks. She's not overly fearful of noises but she is reactive of unexpected noise. Her lickimat is her safe space, she can't bark when she's licking. 

How to use a mat... 

1) Grab a clean one

2) Spread with stuff

3) Give to dog (or cat) 

It's that simple. Of course you can get all fancy and freeze them but you don't have to. 

So what 'stuff' should you put on your pets best new toy? 

Anything liquid or shakeable works brilliantly. We like peanut butter (pet friendly of course) and fish sprinkles but if you have a dog on a low fat diet microwaved sweet potato mixed with yoghurt works well and a sprinkle of yaks cheese equals yummola!